Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Not Senator Clinton for Vice President

Senator Clinton is a polarizing figure. Like Governor Palin, her primary instinct is not to unite but to divide. Governor Palin fits into the Republican scheme, because the Republicans rule when Americans are divided.

Many say that Obama will rue not having asked Senator Clinton to be his running mate; but whatever happens in the election, Obama chose better for his country by asking another to run with him.


Anonymous said...

Looks like McCain the hypocrite has decided to improve his chances to be elected at the expense of what is best for the country.

In direct and simple terms, Obama should tell middle class voters that they should vote for their own self-interest and not fall for the McCain-Palin sleight-of-hand.

Obama should say that McCain-Palin policies are bad for Americans pocketbook and well being on all the key issues.

Leo Wong said...

Thanks, anonymous, but people, as shown in 2004, don't vote for self-interest, but from hope and sympathy, and fear and hatred. An early and pertinent book on this is Graham Wallas, Human Nature in Politics, available on Google Books.

Anonymous said...

Okay Leo. In every decision there are incentives and trade-offs.

I believe fear and hatred are forms of self-interest, that is the desire to personally be safe, even in the face of losing one's privacy and accepting the use of torture.

But today, the economy might be the key factor for swing voters. And people need a strong economy with good jobs in order to achieve their hopes and dreams for a good life for themselves and their families.

Perhaps in this election, the incentives resulting from having programs offering economy stabilty and financial security might tip the scale to Obama-Biden (and middle-class tax cuts) instead of McCain-Palin (and Bush III).

So some swing voters might trade-off their fears for a better economy.

Of course, being dumb is also part of Human Nature.

Leo Wong said...

The race is close. Barring a landslide, swing voters will tip the balance. As Friedman implied, given Bush and the economy, any rational electorate would vote for Obama. But for many people the "comfort level" is higher with McCain and Palin.